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With every resume and cover letter, you get a great writing service regardless of the package you fall under. We use a multi-prong approach when writing resumes and cover letters. For example, we use a situation/action/result (SAR) writing style. Also, we produce keyword-rich content so your resume will perform well when scrutinized by talent management systems. Lastly, we integrate a bit of graphical design and provide you with transformed documents to increase the interviews you receive and boost your confidence level as well.

Have questions before submitting your request? If so, call Teena at (937) 325-2149.

What Clients Say:

“I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with you. I’ve seen what you’ve been able to do for Colleen and Matt, it’s fantastic.” Byron S., Client Liaison (IT Focused)

“I look forward to working with you again as well. Three years later, my current Chairperson still speaks of my resume [that you wrote for me] that I submitted when I applied for my current job.” Shannon M., Teacher & Curricula Administrator

“ I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write back. The last few months have been extremely busy. I did get a new job, not sure if I told you…I have been there since February. I would love to update my resume as the things I have been doing there are crucial to my resume. I did get the management position I have wanted so there are quite a few additional qualifications to add. What do you need from me?” Karen H., Medical Management, Naples, FL

“The resume looks GREAT!!! I sincerely thank you. Normally I don’t allow anyone else to do anything for me. After being on the fence about contracting the service and searching for 2 months for a highly recommended resume writer or company, I’m glad I did. I’m left speechless at what you’ve done with the resume and LinkedIn. I truelly appreciate it.  I will recommend your services to everyone I come across. I’ve also send you a connection invitation now that I finally had a chance to sit down and catch up on my private life.”  Nick F., Fleet Manager

“… your work is brilliant and I am very, very pleased to have worked with you. I know we will work again together in the future. To answer your question, I am looking into the LinkedIn situation and will get back to you on that within the next day or two. I also know a great many people who will need resumes from my profession – consulting – and I will refer all of them to work with you.  With consulting, as with the technology sector, “movement” is considered normal. As a result, a lot of resumes are needed.” Roger M., Revenue Recovery & Denial Manager

“…did some mock interviewing with a friend and the flow and energy off the resume was aligned. I am so impressed and happy with what you were able to do with my accomplishments — thank you!” Julie R., Human Resources/Business Partner

“It was a pleasure working with you, Teena.  I’m shocked at how well the end product was and how well it describes me even though we’ve never met, let alone even spoke!  LOL.  It was painless and at the same time thought provoking–GO FIGURE.  I’ll definitely stay in touch if I need any help and hope you have a great Thanksgiving week.” Mark G., District Manager

“Hi Teena, I forgot to let you know that I started a new job on Oct. 31st. I am working for Lockheed Martin as the Support Admin Assistant on Ft. Meade right across the street from Palmer. There is only six months left on the contract but hopefully it will be renewed. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that they were really impressed with my resume. My job search only took 2 months. Hopefully it all works out.”  Barbara P., Assistant Site Manager

“Teena-Good Morning! I do have good news. I accepted a position as a research analyst with a company in DC. All worked out well, and you should know that I had some very positive feedback on the structure and content of my resume. I guess many folks are now referring to your professional resumes as “CV’s” now. At any rate-it’s great to hear from you. I would like to wish you an early Happy Holiday Season!” Jimmy L., Research Analyst/Intelligence

“Started working in May and things are going ok. Since I took this job I received 3 other offers but the one I have seems to be the best for now. Thanks for your help.” Richard M., Director of Network Operations

“Hello!!! I’m happy to say the search went very well. I interviewed with some of the bigger companies such as X and X and had some DoD civil service offers, but decided to go with a smaller company which I believe can utilize my experience in a more diverse manner. The company is X. They had the best benefits, the better working environment, and the best future vision. I begin work on 2 Jan and the pay is very good…I think. I’ll be starting at $130K with a starting bonus of $5K. I’m looking forward to starting my next chapter! Thanks for the help and assistance!” Judson B., Project Manager

Resume & Cover Letter Writing Services

Entry-Level Package  - Limited Work Experience/New Grads
For individuals with limited or no work history specific to their career, the entry-level package will fit like a glove. Investment of $489.

Professional Package - Professionals Within Any Career Field; Established Careers
This package is ideal for individuals who are established in their careers, whether management or non-management. Regardless of your job target, sales, technical, medical, or whatever, this package is the best fit. Investment of $589.

Executive Package - Executives, Consultants, Directors, Top-Tier Company Professionals
For our executive clients, including consultants, directors, business owners, and board members, this executive-level package is ideal. Truly one of our best packages for our executive clients. Investment of $689.


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Quick Q&A

Why let us enhance your resume?
We’re skilled, certified, experienced — and highly recommended and referred! Up to 70% of our clients are repeats and referrals, which says a lot about the writing quality you will receive from us.

How are we different?
Just take a peek at our resume examples. Wow, right? We “elevate” resumes away from the drab and mundane.

Are we worth the investment?
Absolutely. We are not your “run-of-the-mill” resume writing firm, therefore, we don’t have Wal-Mart pricing. We pour our expertise, record of success, and many, many years of knowledge into every resume writing project.

Aggressive, Add-On Job-Search & Submission Services


For those who need just a bit more help, we offer an array of add-on services and assistance beyond a resume and cover letter.

For example, here is a snapshot of the additional services we offer clients:

  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Executive Bios
  • Career Coaching
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Interview Coaching
  • Salary Negotiations Assistance
  • Recruiter & Job Board Submissions
  • Specialized Letter Writing
  • Other Customized Writing Services

To order these services, first select the best resume package based on your current career status. Then, you’ll be provided with details on how to add any of these services to your order.

Have questions before submitting your request? If so, call Teena at (937) 325-2149.

Are we worth the investment? You bet! Here is a glimpse at resumes we’ve written for clients:

 Examples of Resumes


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