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How can we improve your resume? Your job search?

We use guerrilla writing strategies with all our clients, starting with resumes and cover letters and progressing into LinkedIn profile writing, executive biographies, and so on. For example, we use a situation/action/result (SAR) writing style and produce keyword-rich content so your resume will perform better when scrutinized by talent management systems. Also, we integrate a bit of graphical design and provide you with improved content to increase the interviews you receive and boost your confidence level as well. To give you a baseline, investment for resume services start at $395.

I’ve never used a resume writer before. What should I expect?

You need strategies that work. So, using a skilled writer who has extensive knowledge of TODAY’S expectations placed on resumes is ideal. For example, we will write your resume so it’s effective when viewed by computer “eyes” — and human eyes too. We know that framing your career story properly positions you in the best light for securing your next big offer.

What Has Been Your Success Rate With Clients?

Listen to what a few of our clients have said about us:

“Hello!!! I’m happy to say the search went very well. I interviewed with some of the bigger companies such as X and X and had some DoD civil service offers, but decided to go with a smaller company which I believe can utilize my experience in a more diverse manner. The company is X. They had the best benefits, the better working environment, and the best future vision. I’ll be starting at $130K with a starting bonus of $5K. I’m looking forward to starting my next chapter! Thanks for the help and assistance!” Judson B., Project Manager

“Hi Teena, I forgot to let you know that I started a new job … I am working for Lockheed Martin as the Support Admin Assistant on Ft. Meade right across the street from Palmer. There is only six months left on the contract but hopefully it will be renewed. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that they were really impressed with my resume. My job search only took 2 months. Hopefully it all works out.”  Barbara P., Assistant Site Manager

“Teena-Good Morning! I do have good news. I accepted a position as a research analyst with a company in DC. All worked out well, and you should know that I had some very positive feedback on the structure and content of my resume. I guess many folks are now referring to your professional resumes as “CV’s” now. At any rate-it’s great to hear from you. I would like to wish you an early Happy Holiday Season!” Jimmy L., Research Analyst/Intelligence

“Started working in May and things are going ok. Since I took this job I received 3 other offers but the one I have seems to be the best for now. Thanks for your help.” Richard M., Director of Network Operations

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