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Below, you will find a few examples of our work.

Although, keep in mind that every client project is different so the layout, format, and font you see within these resume examples may or may not be the same used should we write your resume and cover letter. The following does give you some idea to our writing style, depth and broadness of content we strive to achieve, and so on. Anytime we approach a new resume project, for example, we take certain variables into consideration; e.g. length of work history, employment gaps, career strengths, and yes, sometimes weaknesses.

When interviewing a resume service to work with you, there are several key factors to look for.

First, examine the overall layout of the resume samples. Do each stand out from others you’ve seen? Second, read the content. Is it keyword rich? Third, do the resume samples have “meat” to them. Lightweight resume examples are typically the sign of a new resume writer, whereas a resume that’s heavy in appearance and contains a nice amount of content is typically the sign of a seasoned resume writer.

When interviewing and selecting a qualified resume writer to handle your project, know that we are easy-to-do-business-with (ETDBW) and *highly* recommended by clients. Here is a sampling of the resumes we’ve written:

Sample Resumes …

Sample Resume, Aviation Executive
Sample Resume, Chief Financial Officer
Sample Resume, Psychological Operations
Sample Resume, Organizational Development
Sample Resume, Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
Sample Resume, Business Development Executive
Sample Resume, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Sample Resume, Human Resources
Sample Resume, Human Resources Executive
Sample Resume, Vice President of Sales

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Graphically Designed Resumes — Coming Soon!

In a few weeks, we will offer graphically designed resumes that can serve as a masterful part of your online job-search efforts.  A graphic/infographic resume works great when placed within your online portfolio, uploaded to your LinkedIn profile, inserted into your personal website, pinned to your Pinterest page, and so on.

Here are a few resume examples for those we have produced for clients:



Example #2


Example #3


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