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Cracking the Code to Pharmaceutical Sales
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Want a job in pharmaceutical sales? If so, this book provides you with great resume writing tips, lists of  industry resources, recruiters to contact, interviewing strategies (STAR questions), tips from industry experts, and more.
List Price: $39.95 $29.95
Teena Rose, Author


Cracking the Code to Pharmaceutical Sales ($29.95), This book includes …

:: Introduction to pharmaceutical sales/drug industry

:: What to expect; what’s so great about the pharmaceutical industry (attractive five- and six-figure salaries, for example)

:: Writing tips from a highly endorsed, highly referred resume writer … the help you need to transform and significantly improve your resume

:: Many great pharmaceutical sales resume examples to kick-start your creative juices and help your resume to secure more interviews

:: Extensive list of STAR interview questions, specific to the pharmaceutical sales industry

:: HUGE list of pharmaceutical companies, job banks, forums, and other sales organizations (impressive list!!!)

:: Chapter to help you prepare for the pharmacology test

You also get the following books:

:: Free copy of “20-Minute Cover Letter Fixer”

:: Free copy of booklet on how to write thank you letters that also “set you apart” from other candidates.

:: Free copy of “How to Design, Write, and Compile a Quality Brag Book” for pharmaceutical sales (find out where other sales reps fail, so you can succeed!!!)

:: Free Interviewing Booklet to accentuate those mentioned above

You also get the following services:

:: Access to the ResumeToolBox to also accentuate what’s included in the book

:: Free In-depth Resume Evaluation


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