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Professional Cover Letter Examples for Managers & Executives


Professional Cover Letter Examples for Managers & Executives offers letter writing tips and strategies that help you get results, in addition to cover letter examples that will help you get your “creative juices” flowing. With this book, learn how to effectively sell yourself using the written word. ** Book is currently being offered at no cost here.



How to Design, Write, and Compile a Quality Brag Book; 2nd Edition
The benefits that come from using a quality brag book are phenomenal. It’s all about “wowing” hiring managers during the interview, and there’s nothing better to do that with than a quality brag book. […Book includes a sample brag book … perfect for pharmaceutical sales and management positions.]

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book-cover-letter-2nd-editionDesigning a Cover Letter to ‘Wow’ Hiring Personnel; 2nd Edition
Need a great cover letter for that special job opening? If so, don’t fool around. You need an eye-catching, interview-producing cover letter … no question! This book takes cover letters to new heights by providing 100+ cover letter examples, along with 50 cover letter tips and 5 unique strategies for that other jobseekers are overlooking; opportunity for you!

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book-cover-twitter-smallGet Job Leads Fast Using Twitter
Get Job Leads Fast Using Twitter is a free download. Yup, you heard me! To obtain your copy, simply follow the Resume to Referral blog or follow my tweets on Twitter. Everything you need to know about, and how to leverage, Twitter!!! Learn how to use Twitter to network, mine the new “underground” for jobs, and connect with recruiters.

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bookcover-pharmaceutical-salesCracking the Code to Pharmaceutical Sales; 3rd Edition
Examines key areas for job seekers with their sights set on the pharmaceutical sales industry. […Learn more about getting a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep … book also includes sample resumes] “Because landing a pharmaceutical sales rep position shouldn’t be difficult.” Keywords: free examples of pharmaceutical rep cover letters

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