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Cover Letter Book Gets Big Thumbs Up From Career Community and Jobseekers
Springfield Author and Job-Search Strategist Publishes Another Great Book to Aide Those Seeking Employment

Springfield, Ohio – August 1, 2010 – Well-known Springfield author and job-search strategist, Teena Rose, has just released the second edition of her book, Designing a Cover Letter to “Wow” Hiring Personnel.

“Designing a Cover Letter to ‘Wow’ Hiring Personnel is probably one of the best books on effective cover letter creation I’ve read in a long time,” said Joshua Waldman of

Danny Iny from also praised the book, stating “The tips in this eBook are effective and insightful, and the example letters will make your work that much easier. This is the best book on cover letters that I’ve read to-date, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.”

Sporting 100+ cover letter examples, 50 cover letter tips, a Q&A section, and 5 fresh writing strategies for adding “wow” factor to any cover letter, the second edition of Teena’s book is likely the most highly endorsed cover letter book on the market today. This book is certainly geared towards jobseekers who struggle writing cover letters and need that perfect cover letter resource to help when applying for that must-have job opening.

Even more beneficial to jobseekers, Teena snuck in several important cover letter writing techniques and strategies that jobseekers should put in place *right now* to generate more interviews.

For example, Teena points out that graphic design is making its way into cover letters. Since an increasing number of cover letters are reviewed soft copy (online), Teena points out that professional graphic design within a cover letter is perfectly acceptable in today’s job-search “world.” Add more eye-appeal and you’ll raise more eyebrows, Teena states.

Teena also draws attention to the benefits of adding comments from superiors or customers into the content of your cover letters. “Adding a small snippet from a recommendation letter adds another first-person voice for further validity and value to the jobseeker,” says Teena.

For jobseekers seeking the right tool for the right job, Designing a Cover Letter to “Wow” Hiring Personnel is one to be short-listed. The 100+ cover letter examples are well worth the cost of admission to the book’s pages. The book is sold in ebook format, so jobseekers gain access to the cover letter examples, writing strategies, and tips within minutes.

About Resume to Referral/Teena Rose

Teena Rose is a certified and published resume writer, personal branding expert, interview trainer, and job-search strategist with Resume to Referral. To download a free 19-page preview (contains sneak peek to 5 cover letter examples) visit the cover letter book’s page – click here now.

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Teena Rose, President
Resume to Referral
Executive Resume Writing Services

Don’t Update Your Resume. Throw it Away.
September is “Update Your Resume” Month. Simply Updating a Resume Shows Jobseeker Shortsightedness.

Springfield, OH – August 18, 2008 – Psst … your resume is junk. You’ve known it all along. The job you’re in now, well, it wasn’t your dream job but you took it anyway. It’s the only one your resume was able to muster an interview for, right?

Over the years, reminders have come to be nuisances … those to-do tasks that often surface when we’re already knee-deep in the other to-dos of life. We barely find the time to feed our kids and keep up on the laundry. Update our resumes? How silly. Pick it up, dust it off, and send it out. It worked the last time, so why not this time you ask?

Well, take off the blinders. Everything has changed. When you consider FedEx has been known to scour blogs for top level IT candidates, Microsoft has used billboards, and resume management systems seems to be ruling the roost … well, only updating your resume seems farfetched. It’s equivalent to taking a severely dented piece of furniture and slapping on some paint. Slapping on a bit of new doesn’t necessarily cover the old.

When you consider that traditional job-search methods are increasingly becoming old-school, let us consider calling September, “Throw Your Resume Away” month. A resume developed for last year’s hiring manager isn’t necessarily the right format for today’s when you consider resumes are being transformed to accommodate other job-search forums; i.e. blogs, social networking, and video and audio deliverable systems.

Teena Rose of Resume to Referral offers up 3 reasons why you should have a ceremonial burning of your old resume:

First, take your resume to a local library and pull a resume sample book off the shelf. If your resume resembles anything listed in those pages, you are doing a second rate effort of finding that perfect job. Use only the latest and greatest styles and techniques when it comes to your resume and cover letter, while customizing your materials to each varying delivery channel. What’s appropriate for your paper resume isn’t necessarily appropriate when that same info is transitioned to the work experience section of your LinkedIn account, for example.

Second, Teena says, “How will you stand out and be front and center when the time is most crucial?” Good question. How will you? Certainly you should develop and utilize a resume and cover letter, if that’s what’s expected, but don’t be afraid to try something new. As you step on each rung of the career ladder and the job-search landscape changes, your search techniques should transform, improve, and be distinguishable as well.

Third, stop looking on a small scale. There’s a reason why companies such as FedEx and Microsoft are using unique hiring techniques. They’re searching for individuals who not only look outside the box, but look for those who see possibility, feasibility, and reach-ability. They want grand thinkers; people who embrace not shy away from new technologies and ideas. Think about how YouTube, LinkedIn, TwitHire, and so many others, have changed how we search for new jobs.

How limited is your thinking? Is your short-sightedness hurting your resume, and well, your career?

Information about Resume to Referral

Teena Rose, President of Resume to Referral, is an executive resume writer, personal branding specialist, interview trainer, and careerist. Visit Resume to Referral to read articles and learn more ways you can transform your resume, speed your job search, survive downsizing, improve negotiation skills, secure a top salary, and more.

She oftentimes tells people that her “favorite clients are those who control their careers; those who continue their education because it’s in the best interest of themselves and their employers; those who embrace new techniques, systems, and processes; those who outperform, outdo, and outwit.”

Established in 1999, Resume to Referral has helped thousands of individuals launch, advance, and switch careers. The company offers tiered resume packages including comprehensive job-search and career development services.

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Teena Rose, President
Resume to Referral
Executive Resume Writing Services

“It’s No Brag If It’s True.”
Springfield Author and Career Specialist Publishes Sixth Book

Springfield, Ohio — February 9, 2006 — Well-known Springfield author and career specialist, Teena Rose, says, “It’s no brag if it’s true. That’s why I wrote my book.”

How to Design, Write and Compile a Brag Book is Ms. Rose’s sixth book on careers and professional advancement. Owner of Resume to Referral, a career coaching and resume service, Teena is a strong advocate of the newest ‘job search’ phenomenon — the brag book. “Brag books are hot right now and I’m certain the trend will continue,” she stated during a recent interview. “It’s another chance for people to sell themselves to a potential employer. It gives job seekers another tool to elaborate on special skills and workplace accomplishments (and) more people are using them to stand out from the crowd.”

So, just what is a brag book? Well, it’s a record of accomplishment in your professional life. Think of it as a colorful extension of your black-and-white resume. A brag book paints a multi-dimensional image of you by providing more details, facts and figures about your achievements on the job — and the documentation to back it up.

We asked Teena to provide some suggestions to help you compile and use a brag book of your own to find that perfect job faster.

Here are some key tips from the author:

1. Include things like a copy of your resume, letters of recommendation (especially from your previous employers), copies of diplomas, licenses and certificates, customer letters, recognition letters from superiors and, of course, awards.

2. Don’t let the brag book become a hodge-podge. Carefully consider each item before you decide to include it. It shouldn’t look like a scrapbook. It should be neat and organized.

3. Don’t be modest. Remember, it’s no brag if it’s true. If you won the sales leader award 14 months running, that’s worth including in your brag book.

4. Customize your brag book for different job markets. For a job in sales, go heavy on satisfied customer letters. For a position in marketing and promotion, include a fact sheet of accomplishments, including charts that show increases in sales at your last position.

5. Present the brag book during the interview.

6. Your presentation should look professional. Spend a few dollars to have it printed (and even pamphlet-bound) professionally at your local office supply super store. Only print up what you need.

It’s a competitive job market with all of the layoffs within the automotive industry and the service sector over the past few years. Anything you can do to make a stronger impression works in your favor.

As Teena states in her latest career book: “It’s all about selling excellence.” Sounds like an excellent way to kick off a new job search.

About Resume to Referral
Teena Rose, President of Resume to Referral, is a certified and published resume writer, personal brander, interview trainer, and careerist. View Teena’s executive bio, read articles, and learn more ways you can improve your resume, speed your job search, survive downsizing, improve negotiation skills, and more.

Established in 1999, Resume to Referral has helped thousands of individuals launch, advance and switch careers. The company offers tiered resume packages including comprehensive resume development from scratch to resume revamp services. Resume to Referral is a member of the Better Business Bureau.
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Teena Rose, President
Resume to Referral
Executive Resume Writing Services

Gaining the Edge in a Tight Job Market
Springfield, Ohio, Company Blends Personal Service and Internet Solutions

Springfield, Ohio — November 10, 2005 — “With the Fed tightening the money supply, the outsourcing of high-end jobs and general belt tightening across the corporate spectrum, I’m seeing more and more middle- and upper-tier managers than ever before.”

Teena Rose knows the job market as an industry insider and nationally recognized authority on today’s most effective job search techniques. Founder of Resume to Referral, this Springfield-based careerist, certified resume preparer and renowned author of numerous books on making it in a tough economy, spoke frankly during a recent telephone interview. “The day of the cookie-cutter approach to finding the right job is long gone … (it) used to be you’d finish school, get a job, stay with a company and retire with a nice pension,” Mrs. Rose stated.

Today, targeting a position takes professionalism and accuracy. “If you’re just starting out, your needs are a lot different than if you’re trying to transition 10 years of sales (experience) to a teaching position at a business school.”

That’s why Resume to Referral was born in 1999 — to bring the efficiency and convenience of the Internet to today’s increasingly complex job market, while maintaining that all-important personal touch. With the typical employee changing jobs 6.4 times during a career, the era of 30 years, a gold watch and out is over, as most of us know from personal experience. Today, the wise job seeker looks for every advantage. Most of those advantages are on the Internet, if you know how to access and use them.

Today, 75% of all companies rate the Internet as the most cost-effective means of finding the best candidates. Why? Sheer volume. Unlike a help wanted classified in the local press, a listing on gets worldwide exposure, provides a detailed job description and identifies qualities of good candidates. The Internet is global and an inexpensive means of recruiting the top echelon of applicants.

“We work with our executive clients to develop a complete (search) program … a strategy to not only find the right job, but to advance careers,” Teena Rose said. “Today, if you don’t use Internet resources, you’re severely limiting your career options.”

When asked to describe her services and resources, Teena said, ‘We keep up to date with job market trends, hot sectors, trends in education at the university level — all of these factors come into play when we develop an executive job search strategy.”

The staff at Resume to Referral offered the following suggestions for expanding your job search on the Internet:

1. Register with national job sites like and They work, so say these experts.

2. Visit the sites of companies within your industry. Many list current job openings.

3. Develop several resumes for on-line and off-line use. If you don’t know how to prep the perfect resume, hire a professional. It’s a bargain and a great ROI.

4. Join on-line news groups that focus on job-skills development. You’ll learn a lot.

5. Read up on the latest in job search protocols. Believe this: what was acceptable five years ago is not the way to go today.

Company founder and CEO, Teena Rose, has authored a number of books that provide guidance, support and practical how-to information to job seekers, from ‘new to the field’ to ‘experienced professionals’ seeking to maximize the advantage of experience. Teena is a certified resume preparer, an interview coach and a careerist who has written Cracking the Code to Pharmaceutical Sales, The 20-Minute Cover Letter Fixer and the recently-released How to Design, Write and Compile a Quality Brag Book.

The experts agree, the hiring companies agree: if you’re working the job market, you’ve got to go Net. And, if you’re new to the Internet employment search arena, call an expert to guide you along your digital career path.
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Teena Rose, President
Resume to Referral
Professional Resume Services

Job Seekers Realize Benefits of Resume Services in Deflated Economy
‘Resume to Referral’ Addresses Changing Job Landscape

Springfield, Ohio — September 13, 2005 — From an office in Springfield, Ohio, Teena Rose, President of Resume to Referral, has provided career coaching, resume writing and editing services for more than six years. During this time, she’s watched the job and recruiting market evolve, assisting career advancements that could never have happened without her keen resume development skills. This dedicated, specialized attention has supported clients ranging from new college graduates needing to carve a niche, to career-changers and corporate executives seeking that next level advancement.

Most people lack this advantageous bird’s eye view to truly develop a superior resume on their own. Most of us see one, maybe two resumes in our lifetime. But in today’s tight job market, employers demand more than education, experience and credentials from candidates. The growing importance on resumes has propelled interest in professional resume services across the nation, and abroad.

“The best resume will minimize the time it takes to find a job, and will attract more offers, higher salary and full benefits packages,” states Teena Rose, who’s clients include support-level, mid-tier, and executive professionals. “I believe resumes should ‘sell’, not ‘tell’. When it’s read next to other candidate’s with basically the same skills, you need something more to make yours stand out. This may be a striking visual presentation, emphasized career milestones or superior word choice. I put myself in the employers’ position, and am able to see qualities in candidates they often overlook in themselves. Simply phrasing skills and accomplishments different will make an immeasurable impact in the reader’s mind.”

In addition to a tight job market, the actual job search process has changed, more than most people realize. Professional resume services, like Resume to Referral, ensure each word impresses both human and computer eyes. Data must be keyword-rich and able to rank high in skills searches. This proactive cataloging attention makes a significant impact on one’s job search success.

Teena Rose is a certified and published resume writer, interview trainer and careerist. Visit Resume to Referral to read the many free career articles and learn more ways you can improve your resume, speed your job search, survive downsizing, improve negotiation skills, and more.

About Resume to Referral

Established in 1999, Resume to Referral has helped thousands of individuals launch, advance and switch careers. The company offers tiered resume packages including comprehensive resume development from scratch to resume revamp services. Resume to Referral is a member of the Better Business Bureau.
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