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Do you need help writing a better cover letter? If so, you’re definitely in the right place. “Designing a Cover Letter to “Wow” Hiring Personnel” contains everything a jobseeker needs to stand out in today’s job-search environment.

Downloadable – List Price: $17.77 – Written by Teena Rose – Available

Within the book’s pages, you’ll receive access to professionally written cover letters by some of the top cover letter writers in the field. Sometimes, knowing what to include in a cover letter, how to present that information, and what to emphasize/exclude, just as quick examples, can be torturous. With my book, I help you identify and leverage some of the best strategies when writing cover letters.

Priced at only $17.77, if you just walk away with one good cover letter writing tip that produces just one extra interview, you’ll be ahead in the hiring game, making the small investment a wise move on your part.




25+ Book Endorsements

“Teena Rose has done it again! Finding a job is like buying a car for most of us — we don’t do it often and we don’t do it well. So it is critical for job seekers at all levels to follow the road which has proven to be successful and that means including a cover letter with your application unless explicitly told otherwise and always, always, always making sure that the cover letter connects you with the hiring manager, recruiter, or other human resource professional who will read it. How do you do that? By reading through dozens of samples to find the right tone and language for the cover letter that you’re about to write.”
Steven Rothberg,

“… most comprehensive book I’ve seen on the market for getting you noticed by perspective employers. As a manager looking for new employees, I’ve received hundreds of resumes for just one available position. I believe that the first impression of a prospective applicant’s abilities through the introduction of a great cover letter is what elevates the candidate to the next level in the employment process. This is a must read for anyone looking for that extra edge in obtaining that all-important interview.”
S. Nichols, Hiring Manager, Cranston, RI

“… [book] very helpful and insightful. I just used the information gleaned from it this week when I replied to a job posting online.”
Gary H., Jobseeker

“I love it thanks, I am looking over the cover letter book now and it is just chocked full of great information and useful hints.”
Chris Parker

“I thought that this e-book was great. I love how descriptive it is. I do not think you need to change anything. The sample letters are also a great addition.”
Latisha Harris

“As the author of one of the very first cover-letter books on the market, I truly appreciate the fresh, innovative, and comprehensive approach that Teena Rose has taken with Designing a Cover Letter to ‘Wow’ Hiring Personnel. The book offers a beautiful and reader-friendly design. Standout features include a Q&A that answers all those pesky questions job-seekers have about cover letters, Teena’s 50 quick tips about cover letters, and her 5 creative tips for making a cover letter really stand out. And the copious samples are superb — innovative designs and content bound to grab the hiring manager’s attention. Teena Rose has produced a real winner with Designing a Cover Letter to ‘Wow’ Hiring Personnel.”
Katharine Hansen, Quintessential Careers; author, Dynamic Cover Letters and Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates

“Wow, this is a jobseeker’s bible! Up to the minute information, crystal clear do’s and don’ts and samples galore. This book puts cover letter ideas into the hands of any jobseeker to clearly differentiate themselves from the pack and catch the recruiter’s eye. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who struggles to write a cover letter that will get noticed!”
Doug Kramer, Kramer Recruiting & Consulting

“Teena did it again! This book is easy to read and takes the art of cover letter writing to the next level. It definitely shows job seekers how to break the mold and stand out in today’s competitive job market.”
Melanie Denny,

“Designing a Cover Letter to ‘Wow’ Hiring Personnel is very thorough in covering the different aspects of writing an impressive cover letter. It gives great tips for grabbing an employer’s attention that are unique and at the same time address the needs of the employer. There are plenty of examples in the book to illustrate the different points about writing a cover letter, and it gives readers solid ideas for how to write their own cover letters.”
Cheryl Palmer,

“Simply excellent! Designing a Cover Letter to “Wow” Hiring Personnel is an easy read, packed full of practical tips for every job seeker, and situation. Whether you are re-entering the job market, changing careers, or looking for that senior level executive position—inside you will find essential keys to crafting dynamic interview winning cover letters, and more… If you are looking for a new approach for that same old cover letter, and want to uncover strategies that work…putting your best foot forward, just got a whole lot easier. With a 100+ exceptional examples this e-book is a must have and for every job seeker.”
Kathleen Alexis,

“I was very impressed and highly recommend ‘Designing a cover letter to WOW hiring personnel’ as the ultimate resource for today’s job seeker. With over 100 outstanding cover letter samples and 50 excellent cover letter writing tips, it’s a must have for those seeking a competitive edge”.
Vanessa Gayle Cohen,

“With a variety of tips, answers to common questions, and more than 100 samples, this book includes all the information needed to write a powerful, attention-getting cover letter. Apply this information, and you’ll increase your chances of getting called in for an interview.”
Charlotte Weeks,

“This cover letter book is amazing! I think I may consider using it to train my new writers who come on board. It’s very in depth and covers virtually every single topic, question, or issue related to cover letters. I believe you out did yourself with so many cover letter samples! This will be a great resource to jobseekers and other resume writers. Great job!”
Jessica Holbrook Hernandez,

“Teena Rose’s eBook on cover letters is a great resource for the itinerant job seeker. Useful information is delivered in a fun and easy-to-read style, showing you how to easily create a cover letter that will be effective in getting the hiring manager’s attention, and then getting you the job. The tips in this eBook are effective and insightful, and the example letters will make your work that much easier. This is the best book on cover letters that I’ve read to-date, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.”
Danny Iny,

“‘DESIGNING A COVER LETTER TO “WOW” HIRING PERSONNEL’ is probably one of the best books on effective cover letter creation I’ve read in a long time. By first explaining why cover letters are important from the hiring manager’s perspective, rather than simply assuming one should write one, Teena makes it clear what to focus on in the writing process. While other books simply give readers a formula to follow, Teena gives solid tactical tips on grabbing their attention in the first sentence, creating curiosity, standing out from the crowd and formatting for maximum impact. Because I focus on helping job seekers with their online search, I also found that many of her tips on condensing prose and word choice are quite applicable to online profile writing. If you are looking for examples of good cover letters, it is easy to find bad examples from your Google search. So Teena has included over 100 great examples of letters that you can draw from and jump start your brain. Basically, if you are a job seeker and you are struggling with writing a GREAT cover letter, you should get this book yesterday.”
Joshua Waldman,

“As a former U.S. Postal Service Human Resource Specialist, and a current cover letter and resume writer, I highly recommend Teena Rose’s “Designing A Cover Letter to “WOW” Hiring Personnel” book. In it, Teena has done a wonderful, comprehensive study on the subject, and she leaves no questions unanswered. She provides over a hundred Cover Letter examples and, together with her complete “How-To Instructions”, you can easily compose your own cover letter that will “WOW” any hiring personnel you aim to impress. If you are serious about winning that new position, you need to purchase Teena’s book to assist you in making that terrific first impression.”
Deborah Burton

“Teena, excellent and comprehensive resource. I would put my name on it in a heartbeat.”
Jay Tokarz,

“Designing a Cover Letter to WOW Hiring Personnel” is a thorough guide to an important yet often overlooked tool for jobseekers. Teena’s expertise is apparent and her tips will serve all of us well when it comes to personalized, professional communications. The samples that are showcased cover a range of industries and approaches so there are excellent models to emulate regardless of your situation. I recommend this for jobseekers or career transitioners as it provides great value and calls attention to a very important element of a job search that is a challenge for many. A good cover letter can WOW any employer, and this book can get you there!”
Michael Firth,

“As a new resume writer, I want to learn as much as humanly possible about the industry. I’m always excited to read well written books, especially those on the subject of cover letters and resumes. I’ve read other books written by Teena Rose, and I just finished reading her new book, Designing a Cover Letter to “Wow” Hiring Personnel. After reading this book I now have an additional tool to use as a guide for creating cover letters as well as a source to refer others needing and writing cover letters. I look forward to reading other books written by Teena in the future.”
Cassandra Dunlap, Career Image Resume Writing

“This is a must-read for anyone wanting the definitive book on how to write the perfect cover letter, written by someone who’s always informed on the latest job search technology. Even though I write cover letters professionally, I picked up some new tips that I’m definitely going to use. Things change so fast nowadays that it’s hard to stay current, and the job search field is no exception. You need a book like this to keep you up with the latest trends.”
Lorraine Wright, 21stCenturyResumes

“Contemporary, original, and a number of ‘platinum’ ideas for job seekers, career professionals, and those just looking for some surprising and honest ways of illustrating an eye-catching and relevant cover letter. Teena’s cover letter examples are excellent and full of flair and panache that surely would assist an applicant creatively stand out from the veracious job pack. Her fifty-point quick cover letter tips are punchy and poignant, and you definitely won’t choke on them; rather they go over  smoothly much like a sublime mint julep. Forget about other cover letter books you have read. In my opinion the rest, albeit helpful; are in comparison simply bronze, silver, or gold.”
Maureen Nowicki, Owner, Soul Validation Company

“If you do everything that Teena says in this book, there is no doubt that your cover letter will shine in the eyes of the employer! Teena does an outstanding job of articulating the importance and significance of taking the time to design a personal and compelling letter. This book is both comprehensive and succinct. I highly recommend it for every job seeker and career industry professional!”
Rachael Kaplan,

“I like the book so much, I have shared it with my senior staff in both the recruiting and executive placement divisions of my company for use with our senior executives. I particularly like the way she treats the “Wow” factor, so frequently missing in the thousands of documents we see at my company. The purpose of the letter is to attract the eye of the reader and quickly say to them, “WOW.” Teena does just that in this delightful book. It is clear, well organized and easy to read, making it a favorite of mine and one that is now in my e-library for reference.”
Fred Coon, Chairman/CEO, Stewart, Cooper & Coon, Inc. (recruiter and executive placement firm)

My Guarantee To You

When you get your copy of “Designing a Cover Letter to ‘Wow’ Hiring Personnel,” I want you to be 100% satisfied. So, I’m offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the book, simply request a refund.

Get your book copy today, and you’ll also receive the following free resources:

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