Are you looking for a “blueprint” to develop a professional brag book that showcases your management or sales career?

Are you wanting to leverage a brag book to draw attention from hiring managers and recruiters? Book Cover for Brag Book

With our book, “How to Design, Write, and Compile a Quality Brag Book,” you get the help needed to build a brag book to…




STOP WASTING TIME wondering what makes a professional brag book. With our book, “How to Design, Write, and Compile a Quality Brag Book,” we give you a wealth of tips, strategies, and tricks to put you on the right track. For example, we provide you with hard core examples on what to include/exclude from your brag book.

Here’s what you get with our book, “How to Design, Write, and Compile a Quality Brag Book”:

► Blueprint to Develop a Professional Brag Book

► Tips for Attracting the Attention of Hiring Managers

► How to Leverage a Brag Book to Secure More Job Offers

► Answers to Your Most Pressing Brag Book Questions

► How to Best Present Your Brag Book Content

► What to Include in Your Brag Book, Not Your Resume

► How to Best Present Your Career Accomplishments

► Content Ideas You Likely Haven’t Thought of

► Advice on The Best Time to Present Your Book

… and more!

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“How to Design, Write, and Compile a Brag Book is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to enter a sales [or management] field. It mixes real-world examples with top-notch advice for closing the deal with a potential future employer. [Teena] Rose’s upbeat, personal style makes this a light read that goes a long way.”
—John Burkhardt, Medzilla, Inc.

“You have truly thought of every aspect of the brag book phenomenon. I think candidates who read it will truly benefit from its use, and I also believe that they will comprehend the most important factor about having one or not and that is: Whether you choose to have one or not is immaterial because your competition will have it and if you don’t have it you will suffer by comparison. Which you eloquently state in your literature. Great job!!!!”
—Manny Barrientos, National Search Consultant