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Do you operate a career website? If so, our affiliate program might be an ideal option to generating revenue for your business. Our best affiliate partners include job boards, career coaches, recruiters, and others within the hiring realm who work with our customer base: jobseekers.

To make you more profitable, we provide you with an on-going “meal” of …

  • Career Articles
  • Videos
  • Cartoons/Infographics
  • Free Book Giveaways/Downloads

3 Reasons Why Our Affiliate Program May Be a Great Fit For You:

First, we pay 15% for referring business. Since our average ticket is $500 that translates to $75 in commissions to you.

Second, we offer a pay-per-lead/pay-per-action payout program.

Third, we provide lifetime commissions so you receive commissions whenever the referral purchases services — now and in the future.

We Ensure You Succeed

To help with promotions, we provide you with a steady stream of articles, great banners and buttons, and text to use within email promotions. We also develop some free goodies (i.e. downloads) that “attract” leads as well.

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» Now that you’re ready, please complete our online application for new affiliates.

** Affiliate program excludes the purchase of books, pamphlets, memberships, VIP programs, and other products and services beyond resume writing, career coaching, and job-search services.

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