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Dear Jobseeker:

It seems there are 300 million resume writers on the Internet. Okay, maybe not that many. =] But it sure feels like millions when you're trying to find the right one, am I right?

When you're searching for the right resume writer to work with, how do you identify a professional resume writer?

What separates the wheat from the chaff?

What you should be looking for are resume-writing credentials, skill of writing resumes, quality of resume examples, and years in business, of course. But, I also believe client feedback and client successes are some of the primary indicators to being the right resume writer for you.

Why choose me? How am I different? Right now, I operate with a 70%+/- repeat and referral rate. What that means is my clients use my writing services again and again ... and find my services so helpful and beneficial that they refer family, friends, and neighbors to me as well. Using an established and highly skilled resume writer like me to overhaul your resume is a no-brainer.

Here are 3 examples of how my writing skills can benefit you:

First, I use fresh resume styles, because I know your resume *should not* look like everyone else's! That's right. Your resume should be everything that HR managers and recruiters expect to see, sure, but with an added amount of flair that draws hiring agents towards you and (yes!) away from those competing against you.

Second, I use a situation/action/result writing style. Hiring managers want to know that you're more than a seat filler. You can't afford to use a resume that merely highlights your job duties and fails to show how you've commanded your roles to benefit each employer's bottom-line.

Third, I use taglines and other visual enhancements to make your resume stand out. Applicant tracking systems are streamlining how an electronic resume is handled; yet at some point, a warm-blooded human is going to set eyes on your resume -- and when that happens, you MUST, MUST, MUST have an eye-catching document that encourages the hiring manager to consider you more carefully.

Who do I work with?

I work with clients who control their careers; continue their education because it's in the best interest of themselves and their employers; embrace new techniques, systems, and processes; outperform, outdo, and outwit. My clients run the gamut of industries. Honestly, I've been blessed with a terrific group of clients.

Do you have questions on how to proceed, or about a particular service? If so, check out the FAQ section. Then, when you're ready, simply select request resume writing services here.





Teena Rose, Book Author/Published
Writer/Lead Resume Writer/Project Coordinator
Resume to ReferralIn Business Since 1999
“Highly Endorsed, Highly Referred Resume Writing Firm”

What Clients Say About Working With Me:

Teena, You wrote my resume a year or so ago and I thank you for that as I have landed my dream job. I passed your name to X [deleted for privacy] ... who should be contacting you soon... Scott F., IO Planner

I was lucky to have used the resume service from Teena. She is a fantastic writer and made a beautiful transformation of my resume. Despite my specialized background, she helped me like an expert... Kaushal D., Formulation Scientist, Brookings, SD

Hi Teena ... I think it all looks great ... I'm very happy with it all ... I plan to refer you if I ever know of anyone seeking assistance with putting together a professional CV. Patrick B., Program Administrator, Beavercreek, OH

Thank you so much! I landed a fantastic job yesterday as IT Director... I could not have done it without your help! I wanted to let you know that you have a very satisfied customer! Thank you again! Jason F., IT Director, Ellsworth, PA

The resume looks awesome and reads wonderfully! David W., Sourcing Manager, Alexandria, VA (Repeat Client)

You did such a fantastic job making my current resume come alive. Neyra G., Client Services, Huber Heights, OH

Yeah I think it [the resume] really looks great! Stacey S., Pharmaceutical Sales, Oklahoma City, OK

Wow! This resume is exceptional. I am truly amazed. Sheronne D., Intelligence Analyst/OSINT, Xenia, OH

Thank you very much for your wonderful work. Edward M., CPA, Dayton, OH

... I just had my biggest earning year at $160,000. Your revised resume played a very important role when they were choosing the candidate for this current job.  Will J., Account Executive, Springfield, IL (Repeat Client)

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to work with you. I've seen what you've been able to do for Colleen and Matt, it's fantastic. Byron S., Client Liaison (IT Focused)

I look forward to working with you again as well. Three years later, my current Chairperson still speaks of my resume that I submitted when I applied for my current job. Shannon M., Teacher & Curricula Administrator (Repeat Client)

The resume looks GREAT!!! I sincerely thank you. I'm left speechless at what you've done with the resume and LinkedIn. I will recommend your services to everyone I come across. Nick F., Fleet Manager

... your work is brilliant and I am very, very pleased to have worked with you. I know we will work again together in the future. Roger M., Revenue Recovery & Denial Manager

Hi, Teena! After I worked with you, my job hunt accelerated...I got a GREAT job as Director of Marketing and Communications, in addition to receiving another job offer from a different non-profit. Colleen P., Director of Marketing & Communications

...did some mock interviewing with a friend and the flow and energy off the resume was aligned. I am so impressed and happy with what you were able to do with my accomplishments — thank you! Julie R., Human Resources/Business Partner

I have 3 very good opportunities in the works (a couple phone interviews, etc). The feedback on my resume has been....fantastic! Once I change positions I'll certainly provide you with a great reference. Barry M., Utility District Manager

It was a pleasure working with you, Teena. I'm shocked at how well the end product was and how well it describes me even though we've never met, let alone even spoke! Mark G., District Manager

I'm happy to say the search went very well. I interviewed with some of the bigger companies...but decided to go with a smaller company... Thanks for the help and assistance! Judson B., Project Manager (Repeat Client)

Hi Teena, I started a new job...I just wanted to let you know that they were really impressed with my resume. My job search only took 2 months. Barbara P., Assistant Site Manager

I have used Teena's services 3 times over the years to secure employment opportunities. She draws the best out of every person with her resume writing skills and possesses in-depth knowledge of what it takes to land that dream job. Let’s just say I’m batting 1000% thanks to Teena Rose. Shawn Van Cleve

Since I took this job I received 3 other offers but the one I have seems to be the best for now. Thanks for your help. Richard M., Director of Network Operations

I decided to hire Teena based on her professional recommendations. The final product far exceeded my expectations and I quickly realized the value in her service. That being said, I have since shared her contact information with many colleagues in my network. Marlon P., Business Unit Manager, New York City, NY

Actually I didn’t know Teena until I saw one of her works. As part of my job, I go through numerous resumes in a day... and then I received one profile that stood out in terms of presentation, quality and the layout. The resume was very neatly done and I couldn’t control but mention that back to the candidate.. which is when she mentioned that Teena did it for her. And I have been working with Teena since. Shanthi R., Principal & Business Co-Founder, Dallas, TX

When I needed a resume that would open doors, through referral, I met Teena Rose. Ms. Rose's analysis of my resume, and subsequent rewrite, positively changed my appeal to prospective employers. De H., Business Owner, Baltimore, MD

Teena did a great job in preparing my resume. Her work was very professional. She is easy to work with, pays attention to detail, and I would hire her again if needed. Cheryl M., Financial Services Officer, Dayton, OH

I strongly recommend Teena's expertise in resume writing to everyone who wants to make a difference in this highly competitive job market. In one month I was accepted for an internship and after that I got a job as a corporate analyst. Teena was one of the best investments for my career, therefore I strongly recommend her. Sabin F., Investment/Financial Analyst

Hello Teena. I am deeply grateful for the service. Having a professional resume and cover letter builds my confidence in the new job search that I will soon undertake. Kathleen T., Asset Manager, Dayton, OH

Hi Teena, my resume generated interest and led to several phone interviews. During a 3rd interview, the Director of Marketing commented that he was very impressed with my resume. Thanks again! Judy B., Marketing Account Manager, Urbana, OH

Thank you so much for your service. I am very pleased with the results. You are a fantastic writer and I really appreciate your approach and the final product. Thank you so much. Don M., Senior Marketing Executive, Chatham, NJ

I wanted to say thanks for your help. I am very pleased with the final results – and would recommend you to some of my friends (actually I will be passing this immediately to one person who is doing a job search now). S. Scattolini, Executive, Ridley Park, PA

Teena, I just wanted to let you know that I got the job as Captain at Massport Police. Thanks for all your help. J. Gatto, “New” Police Captain, MA

Hello Teena! I must say, I think this resume is absolutely fantastic. I love the design of it. I’ve looked it over and I can’t think of anything that I want to change. R. Palanco, Sales & Business Development, St. Peters, MO

I interviewed this week for a VP job with [eliminated for confidentiality purposes] in NYC. The resume you wrote for me was praised by the hiring manager as exactly the way to present career accomplishments. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten in the door without it. T. Anderson, Sales Trainer, Bethlehem, CT

Thanks for the great product. I will recommend you to all. Thanks for the complete follow up on all ends. S.B., Marketing Manager, Reno, NV

I want to thank YOU...just had an interview…went well and have been invited for a “final” interview! Teena, you are fantastic, I have referred you to a couple of friends, you should be hearing from them after the holidays.” L. Moraco, Economic Development, Barstow, CA

Always available to help, with a keen sense of humor and concern for YOU, Teena Rose is your ideal job search partner. DO NOT hire a resume writer until you have reviewed Teena’s credentials and testimonials. She is the real deal. T. Anderson, Sales Trainer, Bethlehem, CT

Getting “Linked” with Teena and having her to re-vamp my resume was the best move I could have made. Since doing so, I am receiving calls of interest almost daily! I look forward to working with her again. Nick K., District Manager, Cumberland, RI

I have personally used her Resume Writer services 3 times over the years to secure employment opportunities to advance my overall career. Teena draws the best out of every person with her resume writing skills and she possesses in-depth knowledge of what it takes to land that dream job. Let’s just say I’m batting 1000% thanks to Teena Rose. Shawn V., Systems Education Coordinator, Kettering, OH

Wow, this looks incredible. I have never seen such a eye pleasing resume. I appreciate all of your assistance & feel this should help me tremendously in my hunt. D. Deal, Risk Manager, Fort Myers, FL

Another Success for You! I have secured employment. The resume was self explanatory … they were impressed. Thank you. R. Townsend, Certified/Specialty Mechanic

Wow! What can I say. Andy was right in that you are great! B.C., Banker, Fortune Company, Dayton, OH

Wow! That cover letter is fantastic, thank you so much. Again, thanks for your help and coaching, it was a pleasure working with you. R. Weghorst, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sperryville, VA

I am very pleased with both resumes. Very nice. I went to a job fair for pharmaceutical sales reps positions, and the resume caused a great impression … I will definitely recommend your services.

Hi Teena: Remarkable. It’s like having a face lift. I would like to go over the resume with you on the phone as I do have some questions. Please let me know when is a good time. Again, nice job. T. Loos, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Cedarburg, WI

Hi Teena, I finally had a chance to look over everything and read it many times over and I want to thank you for doing an awesome job. You captured exactly what I wanted to … it was almost as if you know my job better than I do!! D. Shin, Sales Trainer & Consultant, Superior Township, MI

The quality of documents is superb … This is the true beauty in working with Resume to Referral. A customer oriented service with an outstanding product. I’m sure that these two things can’t be found in many businesses today. EXCEPTIONAL! J.B., Network Administrator, USAF, Dayton, OH

Teena, About 2 years ago now you wrote a resume for me just want to update you. I am still with Castrol and with the help of your resume have been promoted to Castrol’s Program Engineer – Ford Vehicle Operations. Thanks for your great work. G. Adams, Sales Engineer, Springfield, OH

I have looked the resume and cover letter and it is complete and shall I say AWESOME! Thank you very much for all the help it is GREATLY appreciated!!! P. Schmutzer, IT Manager/Senior Technical Analyst, Franksville, WI

Teena, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you while creating my resume. To see myself through your professional eyes has been inspiring! Thank you for considering every idea and applied word on my behalf. You are a GEM! Chuck McStay, Business Owner

It looks fantastic. As people have said on your web page before, I never thought I could look so good on paper. Especially with my limited amount of experience. Thanks for all your hard work. D.V., Financial Sales, Mercedes, TX

Thanks Teena  I had an interview Saturday with a photographer studio. They were very impressed with my resume, kudos to you. Thanks again for everything, the resumes are fantastic!! C. Pepin, Marketing Specialist, Los Angeles, CA

… working at a pharmaceutical advertising firm right now. The revised resume really helped a lot in terms of getting the attention of the employer and granting me the opportunity for an interview. Once again I would like to say thank you for all your help. H. Nespas, Pharmaceutical Marketing/Advertising

… a real professional … showed an exceptionally high degree of professionalism … met all the deadlines established. I look forward to working with her in the future. C.A., Auditing & Special Investigations, Fortune 500 Company, MI

...three years ago Resume Referral helped me put my winning business development resume together and again I call and receive exceptional support to update and secure [my] next career move. Sincerely & Highly Recommended, R.P., Senior Account Executive, VA

The resume looks wonderful. Thank you for your quick, but high quality work. Thank you for all your assistance, and your quick replies to all my inquiries. Accountant/Budget Analyst, Government Agency, Austin, TX

I’ve read the resume and I can see what a difference a professional [resume writer] can make. You should consider renaming your service to “Pimp my Resume” service. Thanks.  C. Park, IT Director

Thank you very much for meeting my deadline. I am very pleased with both resumes. Very nice. I went to a job fair for pharmaceutical sales reps positions, and the resume caused a great impression. I will definitely recommend your services. J.S., Pharmaceutical Sales, Miami, FL

You have done an excellent job! Thank you very much. Worth every penny … I feel much more confident in pursuing the opportunities that are out there as I now believe that I will get more serious consideration from potential employers. P.G., International Relations, Government Agency, Fairfax, VA

The cover letter and resume both look great. I appreciate your hard work on the project. You have been very helpful and if another career need arises I will be in touch. Thank you again. C. Battle, Research Analyst

Teena, U – R GOOD! You really made an old man like me sound really good. I can perform everything you said, I just could not put it into the context you have. I only have a few changes to the resume attached. The cover letter is perfect. Thank you so much. A. Murphree, Technical Writer, Houston, TX

I have been experiencing wonderful results and really busy interviewing. I may have even landed a job, I am waiting to hear the results from the interview but have a great feeling about it. I noticed a complete 180 flip in results with your resume so I wouldn’t be in the position I am in without it. You are very good at what you do and I appreciate your attention to detail. Z. Staggs, Web Developer

I wanted to let you know that [eliminated for confidentiality] emailed me and I have a phone interview with them next week for the Assist. Dean position. THANK YOU for all your help! I am so pleased. K. Browne

The quality of documents is superb … This is the true beauty in working with Resume to Referral. A customer oriented service with an outstanding product. I’m sure that these two things can’t be found in many businesses today. EXCEPTIONAL! J.B., Network Administrator, US Air Force, Dayton, OH

I feel very good about the resume. I really appreciate the inspiration that you put into it. You did a great job. R. Kirk, Producer/Writer, New York, NY

… the resume looks great! Absolutely Awesome. You have such a way to incorporate all the information in such an organized way. Thank you so much. J.D., Pharmaceutical Sales, Hicksville, NY

Things are going very well. I received a job offer yesterday that I will more than likely accept. Thank you for all of your work – the resume redesign was a big step forward in my career search … I have referred several people to you over the past few days. N.D., Project Manager, Dayton, OH

Hi Teena — just wanted to let you know that I am getting some wonderful response from my resume. I have some things in the pipeline and hopefully will be gainfully employed in the near future. I will keep you posted as to what I am up to and where I end up — as a great networking resource. T. Carper, Director of Human Resources & Corporate Development, Charlotte, MI

HOLY COW! Is that really me? I got goose bumps!, C.F., Pharmaceutical Sales, Chazy, NY

Two weeks ago I accepted a new position in the Information System group at [eliminated for confidentiality]. Again, I can’t thank you enough for your help… I can honestly say without your professional services this opportunity may have passed me by. Here’s proof your resume and cover letter stand out — 168 people applied for this position online and HR only interviewed 2 people … YOU ROCK TEENA. S. VanCleve, IT Education Coordinator, Brookville, OH

The quality of documents is superb … This is the true beauty in working with Resume to Referral. A customer oriented service with an outstanding product. I’m sure that these two things can’t be found in many businesses today. EXCEPTIONAL! J.B., Network Administrator, US Air Force, Dayton, OH

They just loved the resume/cover letter and I received a call to fly up and interview within a week!!! Thanks for the help!! You’re Awesome :) R.D., Director of Operations, Five-star Hotel

Thank you!! Happy to report my job search has ended after only a couple months of using your services. I really appreciate the extra mile(s) you’ve taken with advice, follow-up and fine touches. A.B., Outside Sales, Independence, KY

Thank you for using your expertise to assist me…the attention to detail and sense of creativity you put into my portfolio has made it a winner, truly excellent work! B.B., Outside Sales, Tres Pinos, CA

Everything is great. I accepted a full time position with XX. I can’t thank you enough for a job well done on my resume and cover letter. I can say with confidence that your services get results. S.V., HelpDesk/Network Support, Brookville, OH

Things are going very well. I received a job offer yesterday that I will more than likely accept. Thank you for all of your work – the resume redesign was a big step forward in my career search … I have referred several people to you over the past few days. N.D., Project Manager, Dayton, OH

Again, looks great! I am very happy with your product. R.Z., Transportation/Supply Chain Manager, Wappingers Falls, NY

Very good and thank you, I’m very pleased with the resume. Feel free to use me as a reference on your website. G.B., Environmental, Health, and Safety, Commerce, GA

I’m impressed with your services. Thank you. You have a great talent to make something common sound great. I’ll refer your services to others if the opportunity comes up. B.D., CFA, LaCrosse, WI

I am very impressed and satisfied with what you have done. Great job! D.C., Network Analyst/Engineer, Southfield, MI

Your writing ability has opened many doors for me. I have been on many interviews and am actually heading out today for another. J.J., Manufacturing Manager & Engineer, Horicon, WI

Just wanted to let you know that I received a job offer, and have accepted it. I really believe that the resume you prepared did the job. Once I started sending it out, I began receiving replies within a week. Thanks again so much for your hard work. J.C., Chaplain, Louisville, KY

I love what you did!!! You nailed it on the first try! L.W., Executive Secretary, Silver Spring, MD

Exceptional job on my resume. I would recommend you to anyone. C.M., Financial Services Manager, Dayton, OH

I just reviewed the second draft and it looks great!!! You are very good at what you do. Of all the resume books I’ve read and all the instruction I received in college, there has never been a resume that looks as good as the one you wrote for me. Thank you very much. M.B., EL Finance, Bernie, MO

Working together, we added so much quality to my old resume … extremely responsive to my needs for a quick turn-around and I look forward to an on-going relationship with Resume to Referral. R.W., Hospitality Manager, Naples, FL

Just read the 2nd drafts. Excellent work!! Thank you for such, I could not have done it without you. C.B., Regional Manager, Phoenix, AZ

Her writing skills are phenomenal, making the most “run of the mill resume” pop. John Broadous, Recruiter

I have worked with Teena twice to produce my resume, and both times she has done an amazing work.  Easy to work with, responds quickly with emails.  I highly recommend Teena’s work. Cheryl M., VP/District Manager

It was a pleasure speaking to you earlier. The resume looks great. I appreciate all of your help. Thank you so much. M.F., Sales, NY

Is your outdated resume costing you LOST INTERVIEWS at this point?

I can help you determine what's going wrong with your resume, and discuss the best next step.

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